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SW-6x3 Modular Grid Platform
for W-636 and W-636-B, special modular construction, made of galvanized steel, economic in transp..
Ex Tax: €0.00
Adjustable Training Discus 1.50 - 2 KG
1,5-2 kg, innovative and unique product, original weight adjustment system, comfortable flat disc..
Ex Tax: €74.00
Spring Back Training Hurdle (500-762mm)
height levels: 500, 600, 762, special crossbar protected with soft lining, stable hurdle feet wit..
Ex Tax: €71.20
P-978 Competition Waterproof Cover
PRICE ON REQUEST For T-978, made of strong vinyl, welded joints make it very hermetic, equipp..
Ex Tax: €0.00
LM-60/4 Lane Markers Set
set of 4 lane markers LM-60, made of white fibreglass, equipped with two false start indicators, ..
Ex Tax: €346.60
Competition Carbon Discus 1.75 KG
1,75 kg, IAAF certificate no I-02-0269, designed for high level competitions, brass rim with spec..
Ex Tax: €121.00
Competition Steel Shot Put ( 3Kg Diam. 105mm )
3 kg, diam. 105 mm,  steel powder painted, turned on whole surface, filled with special mixt..
Ex Tax: €47.60
Universal Hard Plywood Discus 1.6 KG
1,6 kg, designed for professional training, very durable and resistant to unfavourable weather co..
Ex Tax: €53.20
Mobility Set for Steeplechase Barriers
Mobility Set for Steeplechase Barriers ..
Ex Tax: €105.00
PP-171/6c Training Collapsible Steel Aluminum Hurdle
PP-171 equipped with 6 height levels: 680, 762, 838, 891, 1000, 1067, strong hurdle frame made of..
Ex Tax: €0.00
Measuring Cane
0,8 m long, provides easy measuring in the throwing events, made of galvanized steel bar, comfort..
Ex Tax: €9.50
Chalk Bowl & Stand CS-241
White fibreglass container can be closed when not used, steel powder painted pole and base, tranp..
Ex Tax: €290.00
Competition Plastic Discus 1 KG
1 kg, modern construction without traditional central plate, synthetic sideplates with high ..
Ex Tax: €34.30
Discus Rack on Wheels (Capacity 39 Discei)
Discus Rack on wheels, capacity 39 pcs, made of steel tubes and profiles covered with powder pain..
Ex Tax: €199.00
Competition Relay Baton Set (4 Pieces)
Senior, diam. 40 mm – pack 4 pcs, IAAF certificate no. E-99-0159, made of thin aluminium tu..
Ex Tax: €12.70
Plastic Training Discus 1 Kg
Plastic Training Discus 1 Kg ..
Ex Tax: €28.20
STW-03 Training High Jump Stand
Aluminium with round base, school, from 70 cm to 200 cm, Polish Athletics Federation PZLA certifi..
Ex Tax: €0.00
9.08 KG (20lbs) Steel Throwing Weight
9.08 kg, complies with EVAA (European Veterans Athletic Association), WMA (World Masters Athletic..
Ex Tax: €109.30
Competition Foldable Pole Vault Stand (STT13-65F)
Foldable Pole Vault Up-Right Competition, foldable, from 200 cm to 633 cm   ..
Ex Tax: €0.00
Race Course Cone (PN-15)
Yellow cone designed to lay out race course in track events and race walking, made of plastic. ..
Ex Tax: €6.00
Non-Static Training Crossbar (PTS-045)
Non Static Training Crossbar 4.5 Metres long Weighted with sand ..
Ex Tax: €23.00
Training Hammer Glove - Left Hand, Extra large size
Made of Genuine Leather ..
Ex Tax: €16.70
600 mm Hammer Wire
600 mm, made of steel wire dia. 3 mm, galvanized, length allowance + - 2 mm ..
Ex Tax: €8.20
700g Training Javelin (Dimensions 600g)
700g, steel head, hardened duraluminium shank, powder painted, cotton cord grip, dimensions of 60..
Ex Tax: €86.00
Javelin Bag - For 5 Javelins of 700g
For 5 pcs of 700 g javelins, waterproof synthetic fabric, special strengthening of both bag ends,..
Ex Tax: €25.30
5 Kg (Diam 100mm) Steel competition Hammer
5 kg, diam. 100mm, IAAF certificate no I-99-0157, turned on whole surface, accurately situated ce..
Ex Tax: €85.60
Hammer Bag - Synthetic Fabric Black
  Made of waterproof synthetic fabric, each bag holds one hammer, Velcro® closur..
Ex Tax: €30.00
P-547 Multicube Waterproof Cover
PRICE ON REQUES For T-547, made of strong vinyl, welded joints make it very hermetic, equippe..
Ex Tax: €0.00
3kg Indoor PVC Shot Put (PKG-3)
3kg Indoor PVC Shot Put (PKG-3) 3 kg, designed for indoor training, durable elastic PVC shell..
Ex Tax: €28.90
0,400g TRIAL Super Soft Shot Put (VDL-4)
0,400g TRIAL Super Soft Shot Put (VDL-4) Super soft rubber, safe in use, ideal for beginners,..
Ex Tax: €31.00
School Javelins 600g with rubber head
600g, rubber head, hardened duraluminium shank, powder painted, cotton cord grip ..
Ex Tax: €51.00
PVCOVER-S Blanking Cover
Stainless, steel ..
Ex Tax: €252.00
200g Elementary Discus (PED-200)
Elementary Discus 200g Made of Soft PVC. ..
Ex Tax: €12.00
Stainless Steel Shot Put ( 4Kg Diam 100mm)
4 kg, diam. 100mm, IAAF certificate no. I-00-0195, stainless steel, turned on whole surface, fill..
Ex Tax: €88.60
350g Elementary Discus (PED-350)
Elementary Discus 350g Made of Soft PVC. ..
Ex Tax: €14.00
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