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1 Kg Steel Training hammer
1 kg, steel turned head, powder painted, filled with special mixture of lead and fine shot, hamme..
Ex Tax: €46.80
WP-04 Fiberglass Team Winning Platform
PRICE ON REQUEST Fibreglass, three separate elements, slip resistant surface, easy to store a..
Ex Tax: €0.00
W-536-S School Landing Area Made of Mats
PRICE ON REQUEST The landing area (dimensions: 5 x 3 x 0,60 [m]) consists of four safety matt..
Ex Tax: €0.00
Ground anchors set for the Discus cage KLD-5-A
Ground anchor set for KLD-5-A, anchors without spaces accumulating water, corrosionproof, equippe..
Ex Tax: €702.00
LM-60 Lane Marker
made of white fibreglass, triangular section, height 61 cm with dark blue digits on three sides, ..
Ex Tax: €94.10
Competition Carbon Discus 1.5 KG
1,5 kg, IAAF certificate no I-00-0193, designed for high level competitions, brass rim with speci..
Ex Tax: €116.20
SW-6x4 Modular Grid Platform
PRICE ON REQUEST For W-647, made of strong vinyl, welded joints make it very hermetic, equipp..
Ex Tax: €0.00
W-435 School Landing Area 4x3x0,5m
PRICE ON REQUEST 4 x 3 x 0,5 m, spike resistant mesh fabric covers the upper surface of the t..
Ex Tax: €0.00
STT60-S295 Training Pole Vault Up-Right
training, from 160 cm to 600 cm, very wide range of height adjustment, made of very durable, high..
Ex Tax: €0.00
LM-45/4 Lane Markers Set
set of 4 lane markers LM-45, made of white fibreglass, new reinforced profile, square section, he..
Ex Tax: €364.60
Training Sled with Shoulder Harness (SAN-1)
Training Sled Provides Resistance for Upper and Lower Body Parts to develop Speed & Stren..
Ex Tax: €55.00
Stainless Steel Shot Put ( 4Kg Diam 95mm)
4 kg, diam. 95mm, IAAF certificate no. I-00-0231, stainless steel, turned on whole surface, fille..
Ex Tax: €92.20
Mini Foam Javelin (PEJ-900)
Mini Foam Javelin Safe Foam Javelin designed for the youngest competitors. ..
Ex Tax: €12.50
CTB Customizable Hurdle Top Boards
Place your logo, club name or event title on 1 top board, order minimum 50 hurdles and have them ..
Ex Tax: €1.60
Hurdle Cart for Competition Hurdles (Capacity 30 Hurdles)
On wheels, capacity: 30 hurdles PP-170 or training hurdles, 40 hurdles PP-171 or PP-173, dura..
Ex Tax: €0.00
PP-178/7 Training One-Piece Frame Hurdle
7 height levels: 650, 686, 762, 838, 914, 991, 1067, designed for schools, simple and light steel..
Ex Tax: €56.60
2,5kg Indoor PVC Shot Put (PKG-2,5)
2,5kg Indoor PVC Shot Put (PKG-2,5) 2,5 kg, designed for indoor training, durable elastic PVC..
Ex Tax: €28.60
600g Training Javelin
600g, steel head, hardened duraluminium shank, powder painted, cotton cord grip ..
Ex Tax: €59.00
Javelin Bag - For 5 Javelins of 600g
For 5 pcs of 600 g javelins, waterproof synthetic fabric, special strengthening of both bag ends,..
Ex Tax: €25.30
STT-60-S295 & STT45-S293 Base Pads (OP-S293)
Complete Base Pad Set for STT-60-S295 & STT45-S293 Up-Rights Complete Set for two bases, ..
Ex Tax: €0.00
Universal Distance Indicator
Universal, light and durable aluminium construction, two segments screwed together, universal mod..
Ex Tax: €452.00
PP-171/6b Training Collapsible Steel Aluminum Hurdle
PP-171 equipped with 6 height levels: 680, 762, 838, 914, 1000, 1067, strong hurdle frame made of..
Ex Tax: €0.00
0,300g TRIAL Super Soft Shot Put (VDL-3)
0,300g TRIAL Super Soft Shot Put (VDL-3) Super soft rubber, safe in use, ideal for beginners,..
Ex Tax: €26.00
Shot Put Rack  with wheels (Holds 24 Shot Put)
Shot Put rack on wheels, capacity 24 pcs, holds complete sets of competition and training shots, ..
Ex Tax: €196.70
Vaulting Pole/Crossbar Cart (PC-S0438)
Steel Vaulting Pole/Crossbar Cart Steel, Powder Painted. 6 Wide Shelves for Poles & C..
Ex Tax: €599.00
Elastic Training Crossbar (PTE-045)
Elastic Training Crossbar 4.5 Metres long Weighted with sand ..
Ex Tax: €25.00
 SW-4x2,5 Modular Grid Platform
For W-4255, special modular construction, made of galvanized steel, economic in transport, small ..
Ex Tax: €0.00
P-8568 Competition Waterproof Cover
PRICE ON REQUEST For T-8568, made of strong vinyl, welded joints make it very hermetic, equip..
Ex Tax: €0.00
Steeplechase Barrier (For Water Jump)
For water jump 3,66 m long, adjustable height : 762 and 914, IAAF Certificate no. E-04-0393, mult..
Ex Tax: €0.00
SW-5x3 Modular Grid Platform
For W-536 and W-536-B, special modular construction, made of galvanized steel, economic in transp..
Ex Tax: €0.00
PVCOVER-P Blanking Cover
Galvanized, steel ..
Ex Tax: €142.90
PVBOX-S Pole Vault Box
stainless steel, IAAF certificate no. E-05-0418, prepared for installing in runway surface, resis..
Ex Tax: €378.10
Competition Starting Block PBS-03
Competition steel-aluminium, IAAF certificate no. E-00-0240, successful combination of steel and ..
Ex Tax: €133.60
School Javelins 500g with rubber head
500g, rubber head, hardened duraluminium shank, powder painted, cotton cord grip ..
Ex Tax: €48.00
PVB-5-L Large Vaulting Pole Bag
Capacity up to 5 pcs, length 4,80 m - 5,35 m, made of heavy duty, waterproof synthetic fabric, re..
Ex Tax: €43.70
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