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T-758-B Monocube Landing Area 7 x 5 x 0,8m
PRICE ON REQUEST 7 x 5 x 0,8 m - club monocube, the unique construction has let us reduce cos..
Ex Tax: €0.00
T-547 Multicube Landing Area 5 x 4 x 0,7m
PRICE ON REQUEST 5 x 4 x 0,7 m - school, designed for training the youngest, spike resistant ..
Ex Tax: €0.00
T-8568 Competition Landing Area
PRICE ON REQUEST 8,5 x 6 x 0,8 m - competition, IAAF certificate no. E-03-0360, the certifica..
Ex Tax: €0.00
Hammer Swivel replacements
Replacement hammer swivels for Polanik hammers. ..
Ex Tax: €8.70
PP-179 Training One-Piece Frame Hurdle
height levels: 600, 686, 762, 838, 914, Polish Athletics Federation PZLA certificate no. 02/2008,..
Ex Tax: €50.30
Training Step Hurdle ( 1 Piece )
Designed for running drills, agility training and plyometric drills (the aim of which is to a..
Ex Tax: €17.90
Take Off Markers
Set of 2 take off markers for long jump and triple jump, made of aluminium, powder painted, white..
Ex Tax: €22.30
Sand Leveller
  Polanik sand leveller NP-S0326 designed to level sand landing area o..
Ex Tax: €195.00
Sand Pit Rake
Aluminium Rake with levelling blade For Sand pit. ..
Ex Tax: €79.00
Competition Take-Off board
Competition, IAAF certificate no. E-06-0433, complete set for installing in the track, the IAAF c..
Ex Tax: €398.00
Training Take-Off Board
Training, complete set for installation in the track, includes all the necessary elements: white ..
Ex Tax: €275.00
Stainless Steel Shot Put ( 3Kg Diam 105mm)
3 kg, diam. 105 mm, stainless steel, turned on whole surface, filled with special mixture of lead..
Ex Tax: €98.80
School Javelins 300g with rubber head
300g, rubber head, hardened duraluminium shank, powder painted, cotton cord grip ..
Ex Tax: €42.00
Shot Put Toe Board (Fibreglass)
Fibreglass, training, made of fibreglass, in white colour ..
Ex Tax: €73.00
School Training Starting Block PBS-T
Training / school, galvanized, Polish Athletics Federation PZLA certificate no. 03/2008, light an..
Ex Tax: €44.90
Outdoor Shot Put Throwing Circle
Diam. 2135 mm, galvanized steel, IAAF certificate no. E-06-0450, set contains four parts (quadran..
Ex Tax: €285.00
Indoor Shot Put Throwing Circle with Competition toe board
Supporting structure made of steel profiles and sections galvanized, top elements made of plywood..
Ex Tax: €1,150.00
Indoor Shot Put Safety Barrier (2 Metre high barrier)
Modular construction made of steel galvanized and plywood, assembly without tools, foam pads inst..
Ex Tax: €0.00
Shot Put Indoor Mat
Special “sandwich” construction to minimize shot rebound, visible impact mark makes i..
Ex Tax: €0.00
Javelin Rack
Stationary rack, capacity 18 pcs, made of steel tubes and profiles coated with powder paints ..
Ex Tax: €89.20
Javelin Traveling Tubes (Made for 600g Javelins)
For 7 pcs of javelins 600 g, waterproof synthetic fabric and PVC shell, special strengthening of ..
Ex Tax: €80.70
Sand Pit Cover
Made of PVC mesh, steel galvanized chain installed in the edges for anchoring, good protection ag..
Ex Tax: €0.00
Plastic Training Discus 0.6 Kg
Plastic Training Discus 0.6 Kg ..
Ex Tax: €26.40
Competition Plastic Discus 0.6 KG
0,6 kg, modern construction without traditional central plate, synthetic sideplates with hig..
Ex Tax: €30.00
PP-171 Competition Collapsible Steel Aluminum Hurdle
height levels: 762, 838, 914, 991, 1067, IAAF certificate no. E-99-0157, strong hurdle frame made..
Ex Tax: €0.00
Air Flyer 400g Javelin for Beginners
AIR FLYER – base javelin model 400g for beginners. Slightly less rigid s..
Ex Tax: €55.90
Adjustable Training Discus 0.75 - 1.25 KG
0,75-1,25 kg, innovative and unique product, original weight adjustment system, comfortable flat ..
Ex Tax: €71.00
Training Steel Shot Put ( 1Kg )
1 kg, steel turned shot put, powder painted, filled with special mixture of lead and fine shot ..
Ex Tax: €24.00
Competition Steel Shot Put ( 3Kg Diam. 85mm )
3 kg, diam. 85 mm, IAAF certificate no. I-11-0532, steel powder painted, turned on whole sur..
Ex Tax: €46.00
Starters Stand
The stand is designed to provide official enough height to view all lanes in track events. T..
Ex Tax: €265.00
4 KG Beginner Hammer throwing Kit
  Contents of Beginner Hammer Kits: 2 X  Hammer Wires 2 X  Hammer Hand..
Ex Tax: €139.00
Lap Counter with Bell
Two digits, clear arrangement of digital plastic units, laud brass bell, foamed PVC board screwed..
Ex Tax: €423.00
School Relay Baton set (4 Pieces)
Junior, diam. 32mm – pack 4 pcs., made of thin aluminium tube, coated with durable powder p..
Ex Tax: €11.99
Shot Put return channel
  Shot put return channel SRC-S0327 is designed to easily and quickly retrieve shot puts..
Ex Tax: €786.00
Hard Rubber Discus 0.35 Kg
Hard Rubber Discus 0.35 Kg ..
Ex Tax: €13.50
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