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Competition Stainless Steel Take-Off Board (S12-250)
Competition Stainless Steel Take-Off Board IAAF Certificate no. E-12-0696. Complete set f..
Ex Tax: €580.00
1kg Indoor PVC Shot Put (PKG-1)
1kg Indoor PVC Shot Put (PKG-1) 1 kg, designed for indoor training, durable elastic PVC shell..
Ex Tax: €27.80
Hurdle Cart for Training Hurdles (Capacity 30)
On wheels, capacity up to 30 high training hurdles: PP-178, PP-174 and PP-176, steel galvaniz..
Ex Tax: €0.00
Shot Put Rack (Holds 18 Shot Put)
Stationary, capacity up to 18 pcs, holds complete sets of competition and training shots, powder ..
Ex Tax: €82.10
3 Kg (Diam 85mm) Steel Competition Hammer
3 kg, diam. 85mm, IAAF certificate no I-99-0156, turned on whole surface, accurately situated cen..
Ex Tax: €65.00
Sports Chalk (MAG-1)
1KG Sports Chalk (MAG-1) Sports Chalk Blocks made of 100% Magnesium Carbonate with Moisture A..
Ex Tax: €22.00
Training Hammer Glove - Left Hand, Extra Small Size
Training Hammer Glove - Left hand, Extra Small size ..
Ex Tax: €16.70
500g Javelin Head Circle (NG-500)
Made of special synthetic material, light construction, allows you to throw javelins 500g in spor..
Ex Tax: €8.00
2.5 Kg Steel Competition Hammer
2.5 kg, IAAF certificate no I-99-0156, turned on whole surface, accurately situated centre of gra..
Ex Tax: €65.00
Competition Steel Shot Put ( 2.73Kg )
2.72kg, IAAF certificate no. I-11-0532, steel powder painted, turned on whole surface, filled wit..
Ex Tax: €44.00
PR-S300 1pc Pole Rack
Steel, powdered painted, capacity 30 poles, stable base ..
Ex Tax: €84.00
Long Jump Distance Indicator
For long jump, light and durable aluminium construction, two segments screwed together, long jump..
Ex Tax: €397.00
Full Carbon 600g
Full Carbon competition javelins, master-class implements, the result of the two-year work a..
Ex Tax: €490.00
Discus Rack (Capacity 26 Discei)
Stationary  discus rack, capacity 26 pcs, made of steel tubes and profiles covered with powd..
Ex Tax: €106.00
PVBOX-P Pole Vault Box
galvanized and powder painted, prepared for installing in indoor runway surface, made of galvaniz..
Ex Tax: €201.60
PVB-5-S Small Vaulting Pole Bag
Capacity up to 5 pcs, length 3,10 m - 3,90 m, made of heavy duty, waterproof synthetic fabric, re..
Ex Tax: €40.40
T-758-B Monocube Landing Area 7 x 5 x 0,8m
PRICE ON REQUEST 7 x 5 x 0,8 m - club monocube, the unique construction has let us reduce cos..
Ex Tax: €0.00
Spring Back Training Hurdle (686-1067mm)
height levels: 686, 762, 838, 914, 991, 1067, special crossbar protected with soft lining, stable..
Ex Tax: €79.00
T-547 Multicube Landing Area 5 x 4 x 0,7m
PRICE ON REQUEST 5 x 4 x 0,7 m - school, designed for training the youngest, spike resistant ..
Ex Tax: €0.00
T-8568 Competition Landing Area
PRICE ON REQUEST 8,5 x 6 x 0,8 m - competition, IAAF certificate no. E-03-0360, the certifica..
Ex Tax: €0.00
4 KG Beginner Hammer throwing Kit
  Contents of Beginner Hammer Kits: 2 X  Hammer Wires 2 X  Hammer Hand..
Ex Tax: €139.00
Shot Put return channel
  Shot put return channel SRC-S0327 is designed to easily and quickly retrieve shot puts..
Ex Tax: €786.00
Hard Rubber Discus 0.35 Kg
Hard Rubber Discus 0.35 Kg ..
Ex Tax: €13.50
Discus Bag for up to 1 Kg
Discus bag for up to 1 kg, made of waterproof synthetic fabric, each holds one discus, Velcro clo..
Ex Tax: €8.50
TurboJav 300g mini javelin (TJ300)
TurboJav 300g mini javelin is ideal for kids in making first steps into the athletics world. It&#..
Ex Tax: €33.00
Competition Take-Off board
Competition, IAAF certificate no. E-06-0433, complete set for installing in the track, the IAAF c..
Ex Tax: €398.00
300 mm Hammer Wire
300 mm, made of steel wire dia. 3 mm, galvanized, length allowance + - 2 mm ..
Ex Tax: €8.20
3 Kg (Diam 95mm) Steel competition Hammer
3 kg, diam. 95mm, IAAF certificate no I-99-0156, turned on whole surface, accurately situated cen..
Ex Tax: €65.00
STW-02 Competition High Jump Stand
Aluminium, super competition, from 115 cm to 265 cm, IAAF certificate no. E-99-0158, designed for..
Ex Tax: €0.00
MDHJ-3 Measuring Device
Telescopic, up to 3 m, telescopic, 6 segments, made of aluminium profiles, equipped with level, m..
Ex Tax: €280.00
STT-65 Competition Pole Vault Up-Right
PRICE ON REQUEST Competition, from 200 cm to 650 cm, IAAF certificate no. E-03-0362, designed..
Ex Tax: €0.00
Sand Pit Rake
Aluminium Rake with levelling blade For Sand pit. ..
Ex Tax: €79.00
Sand Leveller
  Polanik sand leveller NP-S0326 designed to level sand landing area o..
Ex Tax: €195.00
Take Off Markers
Set of 2 take off markers for long jump and triple jump, made of aluminium, powder painted, white..
Ex Tax: €22.30
MDPV-8 Measuring Device
Telescopic, aluminium, up to 8 m, telescopic, 6 segments, made of aluminium profiles, equipped wi..
Ex Tax: €595.00
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